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Another great commission from the Northcott Theatre this time I spent an afternoon photographing Exeter City first team footballers, Arron Davies and Aaron Dawson, in the theatre’s dressing rooms and on stage.

And a second photocall in the evening with volunteers from the theatre’s audience transported the world of theatre to St James’ Park football ground.

Please read all about the show here.

As Brazil gets ready to host the World Cup in July 2014, the new football-themed brochure has been inspired by a large-scale community musical, The Day We Played Brazil, which will be staged in July, to celebrate Exeter City Football Club’s claim to world football fame.

The Day We Played Brazil will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the football match between Exeter City and the Brazil national team – the first-ever game played by Brazil. Based on the extraordinary true story of Exeter City FC’s tour to South America in 1914 this musical play will be performed by 120 local people telling the stories of the players and their wives, sweethearts and families back home. There will be plenty of music, tears and laughter along the way as well as some great footballing moments. It’s a story of adventure and excitement both on and off the pitch that will take the audience through the highs and lows of the hundred years in Exeter since the outbreak of the Great War.

The theatre will be looking for 120 performers to make this spectacular show in February 2014, to register your interest please e-mail brazil@exeternorthcott.co.uk.

The Day We Played Brazil runs from Thursday 17 July – Saturday 26 July, with a gala performance on Saturday 2 August. Tickets go on sale in March. 

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