Been away on Holiday this week and havent picked up a camera other than the Iphone and I found myself itching to photograph something , so this morning so I took a camera out with me and took some gentle observations of my walk and Lyme Regis something I haven’t done in a long time.

The town is looking very quiet and pretty in the lovely November sunshine.

Please take a look at the pictures.

Thanks for looking.


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Lyme-Morning-10 Lyme-Morning-46 Lyme-Morning-24 Lyme-Morning-2 Lyme-Morning-64 Lyme-Morning-36 Lyme-Morning-66 Lyme-Morning-7 Lyme-Morning-45 Lyme-Morning-33 Lyme-Morning-56 Lyme-Morning-5 Lyme-Morning-9 Lyme-Morning-50 Lyme-Morning-43 Lyme-Morning-14 Lyme-Morning-53 Lyme-Morning-39 Lyme-Morning-42 Lyme-Morning-23 Lyme-Morning-40 Lyme-Morning-58 Lyme-Morning-38 Lyme-Morning-31 Lyme-Morning-29 Lyme-Morning-60 Lyme-Morning-12 Lyme-Morning-61 Lyme-Morning-15 Lyme-Morning Lyme-Morning-17 Lyme-Morning-54 Lyme-Morning-34 Lyme-Morning-4 Lyme-Morning-18 Lyme-Morning-26 Lyme-Morning-47 Lyme-Morning-59 Lyme-Morning-55 Lyme-Morning-6 Lyme-Morning-8 Lyme-Morning-51 Lyme-Morning-11 Lyme-Morning-57 Lyme-Morning-19 Lyme-Morning-32 Lyme-Morning-25 Lyme-Morning-16 Lyme-Morning-44 Lyme-Morning-67 Lyme-Morning-28 Lyme-Morning-52 Lyme-Morning-63 Lyme-Morning-35 Lyme-Morning-62 Lyme-Morning-49 Lyme-Morning-30 Lyme-Morning-37 Lyme-Morning-48 Lyme-Morning-13 Lyme-Morning-22 Lyme-Morning-3 Lyme-Morning-21 Lyme-Morning-20 Lyme-Morning-65 Lyme-Morning-27ber M