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One thing I love about my job is the variety and this morning I had d great little job plus a bit of luck.

I was sent to photograph three wild Peregrine Falcon chicks in Exeter that have just fledged the nest.

When I arrived one of the female chicks was just sat snoozing on a rooftop next to the church only about  ten foot above me.

The nest is found at the top of St Michael and All Angels Church Mount Dinham  Exeter.

St Michael’s church has been home to Peregrine Falcons for 20 years, apparently this couple are one of the most successful breeding pairs in the UK.

Helped by a dedicated team of volunteers also pictured below who monitor them every day and even have cameras in the nest watching the development of the young Falcons.

Most of the pictures seen below feature one of female chicks perched on a rooftop near the church snoozing and shifting her way along the guttering stretching her wings.

There are also some pictures of Dad way up on the church spire keeping an eye on things.

Please take a look at the pictures.

Thanks for looking.


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