PenDog-Matt-Austin 3 This was a great Job and a fantastic story.


I love photographing faces normally people, especially faces that look like they have seen things and  Nowzad  the former fighting dog from Afghanistan has certainly seen things.


He wasnt the biggest fan of the camera and certainly let me know with a steely Clint Eastwood like stare and the occasional raspy hollow bark to mark his disapproval of the lens in his face, followed  by a giant nonchalant yawn.


But when I put the camera down he was lovely a big ol softy, getting on a bit now and enjoying his life in the UK with Pen and Hannah and the other rescued Afghanistan dogs Tali (the small white one) a very friendly little dog loving the attention and Patch Dog the huge one who is quite intimidating when you first meet him but then falls to the floor like a horse lying down in the dirt  for a tummy rub.


Pen Farthing, 43, served as a Troop Sergeant in the Royal Marines in Afghanistan in 2006 and returned home and set up dogs rescue charity Nowzad Dogs Charity which has been shortlisted for the International Volunteer Award at this year’s Ceva Animal Welfare Awards.


Pen takes up the story of his first meeting with Nowzad….“When we first arrived in the town of Now Zad I broke up a dog fight that was taking place right outside our remote compound. What I didn’t know was that one of those fighting dogs would then befriend me! I couldn’t say no to those big sad eyes, the now very former fighting dog, became my buddy and found himself a name – Nowzad”.


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