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Working on the Hop12 campaign with Stagecoach.

The new name – and great new look – for a Stagecoach flagship service 12 bus route.

You can hop on up to every 10 minutes, 7 days a week and then hop to lots of great places in Brixham, Paignton, Torquay and as far as Newton Abbot.

Hop12 is just the first of several routes that will carry the Hop brand and all of which take you around some of Devon’s most scenic locations.

Stagecoach have been doing a fantastic job of getting the message out and I was tasked with photographing a few of the public events.

One particularly enjoyable day was The fun day in Paignton with lots of fun and games including Gary the rabbit and Titan the robot and amazingly the best weather we have had for a long time.

Please take a look at some of the pictures.

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