A brilliant Job today photographing the Exeter Cathedral Stonemason in his workshop and on the top of the Cathedral.

I have been in the Cathedral lots of times but the place never fails to Impress me, every time the lights changes the place feels different, changing from a cold light making the place feel huge and daunting then the sun floods in and a warm yellow light takes over making the massive place feel strangely cozy.

Today I got to scale the front of the building to the very tip of the front and I don’t really like heights, but the prospect of photographing from the top of the Cathedral was more than enough for me to overcome my fears.

The amount of detail in the stone, glass and lead work all the way to the very tip of the great building is mind-boggling.

The feature will be appearing in the Western Morning News written by the brilliant writer Martin Hesp , I think it’s on Saturday the 6th of April.

Please take a look at the pictures

Thanks for Looking


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