Photographed a gem of a shop  the Real Food Store, Paris Street, Exeter the store  is celebrating is second birthday at the end of this month.

A beautiful shop with a very warm feeling about it, seemed that the guys in the shop knew all the customers by name.

If someone is unfamiliar with the shop you just say “you  know the place with the pink cow” a master stroke by who ever introduced Blush the Cow to the shop.

The Real Food Store community consists of over 300 members, store and cafe staff members and a Board of Directors who are nominated from and by the members.

This unusual project was started by a group of enthusiastic food lovers who upheld values of sustainability, locality and seasonality.

This team also had a wealth of experience in bringing about enterprises that positively impact on both members within the immediate community and non-members alike.

see more on the shop Here

Please take a look at the pictures

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