BurmaBlog-Matt-Austin 19Please take a look at pictures from a session today, when I had the honour of Photographing the Surviving members of Exeter Burma Star Association who meet once a month at Timepiece a bar in Castle street Exeter.

This was particularly poignant for me as my Grandfather, Great grandfather and great-uncle all served in Burma.

My uncle Tom who used to tell me about how he was lost in the jungle for a month surviving by eating snakes.

Tom was a sniper and was mentioned in dispatches for shooting a Japanese officer and his driver then retrieving a briefcase of important documents.

I probably spent too long on this Job but every opportunity to record and document these Great men from a generation of people who did so much for us is time well spent.

I try to imaging what it must have been like but my visions are clouded by Hollywood films etc, there will never be a generation of folk like this again.

I always feel a bit foolish prancing about with my camera from all different angles in front of such dignified and steely expressioned men, I always think they are thinking what a prat as whatever my life has thrown at me it pales into insignificance compaired to the horrors and heroism these men have faced.

This particular group started a hundred and seventy strong now down to the last four.

I’m in my 30’s and It makes me  proud and happy that I can tell my children that I met this generation who we owe so much.

Please take a look at the pictures

Thanks for looking


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