Criky-Austin-55 Had a fantastic time shooting the Crikey It’s Vintage festival held at the Thistle hotel in Queen street Exeter. I was a little worried about getting the shots I needed as this is a very popular festival pulling in crowds from all over Devon and beyond, space was at a premium, and I knew it would be very busy. Luckily the organisers Shelly and Kim arranged for me to have two of the models to photograph. The models Viki and Maria were fantastic as we shot all of the pictures in the middle of the busy festival, just out of shot in the pictures of Viki spinning around are people sat enjoying their cake and the ones with Karin with the yellow kitchen unit were shot on a busy stall selling all kinds of  vintage goodies. I really can’t thank them enough they made the shoot happen. For the rest of the shoot I just walked around photographing stalls and stall holders. I love photographing people and I could have spent all day there, The stall holders looked fantastic and most of the customers were dressed in perfect vintage attire. I had an Idea of how popular this style was but I think what makes it even more appealing are the characters who gather at events like this giving it a great vibe, a feast for the eyes, a photographers dream. The next one I belive is in June and being held at the beautiful Killerton house Devon find out more HERE Please take a look at the pictures. Thanks for looking Matt

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