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Tasked with taking some pictures of Farmer Richard Dunning and his Farm shop and Butchers Oinkers in Longdown Devon, a lovely man with a fantastic little gem of a shop with superb quality produce.

I wasn’t going to blog this as It was only a quick job and I only took a few pictures.

Often only one gets published and on this occasion they only published the one with the three people in which is ok , but for me it’s just a filler picture .

I was sure that they would publish my favorite which is the tall upright head to toe shot.

But this is often the way It goes with pictures being chosen because the shape fits the whole on the page rather than being picked for being the better picture, that’s the problem with everything being done by  templates these days.

This is why I find blogging the pictures enjoyable, I can self publish.

Please see the pictures that I took, they are all quite similar but someone may be interested in what a photographer puts up and what actually gets used.

Thanks for looking


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