A great night photographing the Exeter Riddles performance in Belmont park Exeter a really great experience for all involved.

The event was based on a short story called The Exeter Riddles by children’s author Philip Reeve who has written this exclusively for the Animated Exeter festival.

The premise was a kind of archeological dig in the middle of the park that has exposed  “Exeter’s Hart stone” a massive jewel that has a problem “a crack” that has caused  “History Leaks” people from different times in Exeter’s history  unleashed on the public in the present day.

This was performed by actors scattered about around the park interacting with the public.

It was The Ministry of Historical defence a Government organisation To bring Exeter’s history back in order by rounding up the Cavemen, Romans, and all sorts of others that have escaped in the crisis causing havoc in Exeter.

At the center of all this was a fantastic projected animated display , a mesmerizing pice of animation mixed with real performance ending with fireworks.

I’m not sure If I have explained this entirely correctly but hopefully I have given you the Idea. see here for more on Animated Exeter

Anyway a great night and brilliant work by all involved.

Please take a look at some of the pictures from the Event

Thanks for looking


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