Another great start to the day this time  photographing the head gardener Craig Rudman at Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s River cottage HQ Park farm in Uplyme Devon.

I arranged the date according to the Met office forecast just hoping for a glimpse of sun, it worked out perfectly with a little diffused sunlight and wintry sky’s with a bit of contrast.

Craig a really nice guy who is only about a year into this exciting job, looking after the River Cottage estate gardens is a little different than usual, often planting and presenting the Garden according to a production company’s filming agenda, sort of looking after an organic film set.

For early on a cold blustery February morning there was lots going on around the place with game cookery course taking place, chefs prepping, gardeners gardening and builders restoring part of the building after a fire last year gutted part of the building.

A beautiful little hive of activity set in the Valley only about 5 miles from my home in Lyme Regis.

There was not much on show in the garden being February, but it was still a pleasure to photograph with the muted winter colours and diffused winter light.

Please take a look at some of the pictures below.

thanks for looking


Matt Austin


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All pictures Copyright Matt Austin
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