Had a privileged first look at superb soon to be opened new Restaurant the Ruby Modern Diner in Queen street Exeter.

The place is stunning, taking all the best bits from the classic American Diner adding modern elegance producing a unique atmosphere.

It’s the brainchild of Owners Erin Allgrove and Dicky Harrison seen pictured above also both from Devon.

For me its great to see local business people occupying a prime Queen Street location that people would have put their mortgage on that It would have been occupied by some large chain of restaurants or another big high street name.

The only sad thing about my visit was that I came a couple of days before the kitchen was up and running so sadly I never got to taste the food (hence no food pix), But knowing that they are sourcing all the meat for their Burgers from Ruby Red cattle who graze on Devon pastures at a farm just  few miles up the road I’m confident that the food will be as awesome as the decor and concept.

So head for Exeter to check it out for yourselves its well worth a visit plus its great to support a venture with Devon roots in Devon’s capital.

Please take a look at some of the pictures below.

Thanks for looking


Matt Austin

All pictures Copyright Matt Austin
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