A great commission photographing the Ministry of Historical Defence Characters in the city centre of Exeter for press promotion of the upcoming show The Exeter Riddle which will be happening in Belmont Park on Saturday 23 February.

The show is the finale of the Animated Exeter Festival.

An enjoyable time following them around the city centre photographing them interacting with the public and seeing the expressions on people’s faces not knowing whether this is real or not.

Please take a look at some of the pictures below.

Thanks for looking.


Matt Austin
MOHD-bigg-39 black&whiteMOHD-8 MOHD-bigg-86 black&whiteMOHD-22 MOHD-bigg black&whiteMOHD-12 MOHD-bigg-28 black&whiteMOHD-34 MOHD-bigg-8 black&whiteMOHD-30 MOHD-bigg-92 black&whiteMOHD-28 black&whiteMOHD-26 black&whiteMOHD-5 MOHD-bigg-72 black&whiteMOHD-11 MOHD-bigg-70 MOHD-bigg-19 MOHD-bigg-69 black&whiteMOHD-24 black&whiteMOHD-20 MOHD-bigg-94 black&whiteMOHD-32 MOHD-bigg-37 MOHD-bigg-34 black&whiteMOHD-17 black&whiteMOHD-16 MOHD-bigg-48 MOHD-bigg-58 MOHD-bigg-31 black&whiteMOHD-15 black&whiteMOHD-13 MOHD-bigg-43 black&whiteMOHD-3 black&whiteMOHD-14 MOHD-bigg-88 MOHD-bigg-80 black&whiteMOHD-10 MOHD-bigg-98 black&whiteMOHD-27 MOHD-bigg-109 black&whiteMOHD-2 MOHD-bigg-85 black&whiteMOHD-4 MOHD-bigg-104 MOHD-bigg-50 MOHD-BIG-112 black&whiteMOHD-23 black&whiteMOHD black&whiteMOHD-33 black&whiteMOHD-29 black&whiteMOHD-25 black&whiteMOHD-18 black&whiteMOHD-31