Enjoyable one hour early Sunday morning spent photographing Brothers Phoenix and Austin on Lyme Regis beach.

The weather was looking a bit suspect so we agreed to start and see how it went, luckily we only had one little shower then the sun came out between cloud helping with some dramatic sky backdrops.

It started the same way as most sessions with younger ones, the first ten minuets the children stare at me hiding behind Mummy’s legs thinking who is this strange¬†man with his funny bag and big camera, but soon the ice was broken with a quick game of chase Mummy then hide from the camera man.

Usually when they realize that they don’t really have to do anything but have some fun and run around they have a great time.

which helps me capture the pictures I prefer with natural movement and expressions.

Please take a look Below at some of my favorites from over 150 Hi-res pictures handed over to Mum and Dad.

Please get in touch if you would like to book a session

Matt Austin
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