Recently I had the pleasure of Photographing The Fab Beatles the UK’s No. 1 Beatles Tribute band for a Magazine feature on the guys.

Part of my brief was to re-create a version of a famous Beatles Album cover, for this I took the individual head shots and stitched them together.

Before I got there I had in mind to get them in full costume but unfortunately all the guys costumes were at the cleaners in preparation for a gig in the Netherlands, but luckily they still had the wigs and one black polo neck top to share.

So we did the Album cover shot, then I just photographed them in rehearsal,

Just as I was enjoying my private session, we had a visit from the Council after complaints about the noise, obviously not Beatles fans!.

The whole session lasted a couple of hours, a very enjoyable job with some seriously talented musicians.

Please take a look below

Many thanks


Matt Austin
All pictures Copyright Matt Austin