Spent an enjoyable day at Kenniford farm Exeter, commissioned by farmer Andrew Feemantle to photograph all aspects of the farm.

They have 300 sows on the farm and all of these live a free range existence allowed to come and go as they please from large barns out to the fields to root and wallow. When they come to Farrow they are brought into pens then moved to larger straw bedded pens allowing them to move around freely and exhibit natural behaviour.

This place is a must visit, a fantastic Family run farm, that fits the idyllic idea of what a Devon farm should be with happy farmers happy workers and happy animals all set in beautiful Devon countryside.

I wondered around with my camera nipping in and out of the pretty shop and cafe stocked full of the farms produce and that of other local producers, into the barns with the piglets where I was reminded on several occasions not to leave my camera bag on te floor as the piglets are very inquisitive and make short work of any thing left on the ground, also crouching to take pictures among the piglets you get bitten a lot, they don’t hurt too much its like being pinched very hard over and over again but as soon as you stand they scatter jumping over each other squealing to get away , then creeping back in a little gang , the longer you are in there with them their confidence grows and by the end they don’t run away when you stand, that’s when you get out.

By the end of the session I was pretty tired and pretty smelly from all the lying around in various places and substances around the farm but It was a real treat of a job and a day that I wont forget.

Please take a look at some of the Images from the day.

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Matt Austin
All pictures Copyright Matt Austin