Recently I had the pleasure of photographing the Michael Caines Academy Celebration night at Exeter College, a night when the Academy students cook a fantastic meal for dignitaries and parents of the students, I’m often privileged through my work to get a front row seat at events and this was one of those jobs that you remember and feel lucky to have been there.

I have photographed in busy kitchens before but this was something else, due to the amount of students involved the place was a whirlwind of activity, I found myself feeling guilty for standing still and getting in the way on more than one occasion.

I was really impressed with the way Michael was with the students, they had a great rapport with him with a notable underlining of respect, they hung on his every word but still had a laugh whilst working hard, every student was involved with every part of the cooking and presentation with the other catering students doing an excellent job with the front of house.

It was a brilliant success and the food was obviously divine and the night a fitting celebration of the Academy and its students.

The night finished with the presentation of certificates to each of the students from the Principal Richard Atkins and Michael to rapturous applause.

Please take a look below at a selection of images from the evening and a few portraits to go with a feature on Michael and his work with the Academy.

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Matt Austin
All pictures Copyright Matt Austin