Some of my favorite pictures I have taken of my Daughter from the past year.

Children’s Portraiture is something that I would like to do more of It’s just a case of promotion and finding the time to take the commissions, I think some people have been put off by thinking that I would be quite expensive, my packages start from £75  for an hours shoot, I do this in a location that suits the customer and all the images taken are Edited and processed by myself than handed over on a CD for the customer to use as they wish, I don’t retain the pictures then ask for more money to provide prints, I hand all the Images over usually between 40 to 70 from an hour sometimes more to the customer to choose where they get them printed.

I have used the pictures of my daughter because gaining the consent to publish a blog with other people’s children would have been a mission.

I always try to photograph on location using whats available including the light, usually best at first light or Dusk making use of the low sun.

Having had a few requests for gift vouchers lately I have started doing them too,

So if you have some little people and you would like me to photograph or as a gift for friends or family please get in contact I would love to help.

Please take a look at the pictures below.

Many thanks


Matt Austin